Rick Kelly, CSA, CAS

Pinnacle Retirement Inc. President
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Rick Kelly, CSA, CAS

Welcome to Pinnacle Retirement Inc.!

We’re glad you’re here and hope that our “Safe Money” educational information & services help remove the financial stress and worry from your retirement!

We help conservative boomers and retirees to protect their retirement portfolios, monthly income, and wealth so that they can retire more confident, comfortable & certain regardless of what the crazy markets do.

My name is Rick Kelly
President Of Pinnacle Retirement Inc.
(CAS) Certified Annuity Specialist
(CSA) Certified Senior Advisor
Independent Insurance & Annuity Agent

I began my career in April of 1987 with a Wall Street Firm providing full financial services. Got quite the “Wake-Up Call” six months later on Monday, October 19, 1987. It was “Black Monday.” I learned very quickly that the markets can, without warning, giveth and severely taketh! That helped shape the rest of my career and why I subscribe to a conservative planning approach (defense wins championships) to portfolio, income, wealth protection.

Back in 1999, founded The Pinnacle Annuity Corporation in Scottsdale, AZ, to help educate retirees and potential annuity investors on how to successfully invest in annuities and how to shop the marketplace for the most competitive plans. Pinnacle Annuity was purchased in 2013 and my family I relocated to beautiful Colorado! I learned a ton serving seniors during my 18 years in AZ. 10 of the years were during the “Lost Decade” in which many seniors watched their retirement dreams get squashed. Again, shaping my career and why I’m relentless about helping my clients to secure their retirement dreams, no matter what the markets do.

Today, I serve the Boomer and Retiree markets, providing unbiased, independent, and secure solution-based planning for lifetime income, no market loss growth, and wealth preservation.

On the personal side, my wife Charlene and I actually met in grade in school. We reconnected in our 20’s before getting married in 1994. We have been blessed with two children, Gavin, and Tori Joy. We also have two dogs, Denver and Harvee Joy (saved from Hurricane Harvey). My clan lives a busy life thoroughly enjoying the Colorado lifestyle!

If you’re risk adverse (protect your money first, earn a competitive return second) and uncomfortable with the thought of losing money, I would love the opportunity to connect with you and share how I help defend retirements. Thank you for visiting our site and I look forward to the opportunity for us to chat. Retire With Security! Rick


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