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  • Learn & Plan for Uncertainty

    Learn & Plan for Uncertainty

    Learn about costly retirement pitfalls posed by today’s economy and how you can plan to retire with confidence.

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  • Annuities Fully Explained

    Annuities Fully Explained

    Get complete facts on annuities, in plain English.

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  • Money for Life Roadmap

    Money for Life Roadmap

    Learn safe money strategies to maximize spendable income and protect money from market downturns.

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    If you are in need of a financial plan with an emphasis on principal protection, a guard against inflation, and a guaranteed lifetime income you cannot outlive, I would encourage you to take a close look at the information provided here and ask us anything on your mind. The concepts discussed on this website have most likely never been explained to you before. Our mission is to help create a plan for you that is guaranteed to meet your expectations and fulfill your goals.

  • Annuity

    AnnuityTHE 5 TYPES OF ANNUITIES: What they do, how they work and why you may need one in your portfolio.

  • Guaranteed Lifetime Income

    Guaranteed Lifetime IncomeANNUITIES ARE THE ONLY WAY TO GUARANTEE LIFETIME INCOME: Understand the differences and buy the right annuity.

  • Life Insurance

    Life Insurance UNDERSTAND THE BASICS: What you have and what you may need. TERM OR PERM?

  • Required Minimum Distribution

    Required Minimum Distribution When do you have to start these IRS mandated minimum withdrawals and what are the penalties for not making them?

  • Retirement Planning

    Retirement Planning FIRST STEPS TO RETIREMENT PLANNING: How to plan and how to stay retired.

  • Estate Planning

    Estate Planning UNDERSTAND THE BASICS: One of the most significant factors that you should consider when designing an estate plan is TAXES.

  • Safe Money Alternatives

    Safe Money Alternatives Are you worried about how much of your money is at risk? Learn about some alternatives for your hard-earned dollars.

  • Annuity Alert!

    Annuity Alert! Not all annuities are created equal. Nor is everyone offering them always forthcoming in how they market and promote them.

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