Annuities: Their Pros and Cons

Before purchasing an annuity, it’s important to know the fundamentals. Here are some helpful annuity basics to cover.

What is an Annuity?

Annuity BasicsAn annuity is a contract between a policyholder and an insurance company. You make premium payments. In exchange, the insurer provides certain contractual guarantees. These guarantees cover a variety of contract components, including income, interest rates, or withdrawals. Premium payments may be a one-time lump sum or a series of payments over time. 

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5 Annuity Types

5 Annuity TypesThere are thousands of products in the annuity marketplace. Before you make a purchase, it’s important to know the different annuity types, how they vary, and how each one could benefit you.

There are five types of annuities: 

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Fixed Index Annuity

Fixed Index AnnuityIf you’re looking for safer financial instruments than the stock market, a fixed index annuity may be of interest. Fixed index annuities allow you to keep hard-earned money protected while enjoying tax-deferred growth for your money based on an underlying index benchmark.

Via a fixed index annuity, you’ll have the ability to take advantage of index-linked growth. You can enjoy some growth potential for your money, balance protection with the risk of other (and more volatile) assets like stocks, and prepare for a financially confident future, speak with a financial professional.

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Guaranteed Lifetime Income

Guaranteed Lifetime IncomeAre you concerned about having enough money in retirement? It’s natural to be worried about how you’re going to maintain a comfortable lifestyle. A guaranteed lifetime income stream can bring financial security, freedom, and peace of mind. 

When you retire, things change. In many cases, retirees’ financial paradigm shifts from accumulation to preservation. Annuities represent a vehicle for preserving retirement assets while providing a steady income stream for the rest of your lifetime. 

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Lifetime Income Riders

Lifetime Income RidersAre you concerned about having enough money for a comfortable retirement? Income riders may be an effective vehicle for lasting financial security. When paired with the right annuity, an income rider can provide a steady income stream for the rest of your life. 

What is an Income Rider?

An income rider is an addition to a financial product. It’s an extra feature which may be purchased as a complement to an annuity contract. The income rider is issued along with a base contract. All income riders are different from each other.

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Annuity Alert

Annuity AlertThere are many types of annuities with many contract variations to consider. But not all annuities are equal in the benefits they can deliver. After all, no one has the same retirement needs, goals, and objectives. So why would they require the same retirement planning strategy?

Unfortunately, the annuity marketplace can present misleading sales messages to consumers. This information smoke-screen may make it difficult to discern what’s in your best interests. Here are some helpful trends to consider when you’re evaluating the merits of any sales pitches, claims, or assertions.

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Safe Money Alternatives

Safe Money AlternativesWhen you think of “Safe Money,” what comes to mind? Many seniors and baby boomers worry about whether they’ll have the income they need in retirement. Basic living costs, medical costs, and long-term care costs are on the rise. It may be challenging to believe you’ll be able to meet them and still have money for luxuries like travel and hobbies.

You can get the income you’ll need by building your retirement on a “Safe Money” foundation, or prudently choosing conservative, income-generating vehicles with guarantees. There are many low-risk options which offer protection for your money, but only annuities can offer market protection and guaranteed income for life.

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