Retirement Income Strategies

Income for Life: the Financial Blueprint to a Permanent, Worry-Free Retirement


Will you have enough income for life for your expected retired lifestyle? The idea of a fulfilling retirement sounds great, but in our 50s, it suddenly becomes more than just a distant dream. Just the thought of retirement starts to feel like a tangible reality.

It’s the time when we can really think about life after our careers, the years in which we can finally enjoy the fruits of our life’s work. To make the most of it all, you need to ensure that you have sufficient income for life, or in other words, enough money to last however long your retirement might be.

In this article, we will explore what those in their 50s, near retirement, and in retirement should know about income for life strategies. We will discuss how to create dependable lifelong income streams from retirement investments and savings.

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What Is a Retirement Bridge Account?


A retirement bridge account is your strategy for bridging the gap between retiring and claiming your Social Security benefits. Claiming your benefits too early could lead to missing out on tens of thousands of dollars in lifetime benefits. And, for those retiring earlier than age 62, a retirement bridge account may be a necessity.

Whether you are retiring early or want to hold off on claiming your Social Security until later in life, a bridge account can be your financial lifeline. Here’s a quick overview explaining how you can work a bridge strategy into your retirement plan.

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