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Tired of leaving your retirement money at risk, especially to stock market corrections or falling interest rates? Learn some effective ways to protect your wealth and minimize risks in our Safe Money Books — at no cost to you. You can request these free materials and discover how you can secure your retirement portfolio with guaranteed income and protection strategies.

Most public discussions and financial media on retirement planning cover accumulating assets and building up savings. They focus on the question of how to achieve a bigger nest egg. But retirement isn’t about accumulating assets — it’s about setting lifestyle goals, securing income to pay for those goals, creating protection strategies to safeguard your money, and managing risks. 

Ready to start preparing for a more secure future? Then request this three-part Safe Money Book series now.

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Safe Money Books: What Is Inside Each Copy?

Traditionally, “Safe Money” is defined as “the money you can’t afford to lose.” Of course, that means different things to everyone. In the scope of retirement planning, safe money can be retirement income dollars, liquid funds for emergency situations, legacy wealth, personal estate assets, or other sources of money.

These complimentary Safe Money Books cover many important areas of retirement planning, from today’s retirement risks and costly retirement mistakes to a comprehensive annuities overview and ways to build a safe, foundational financial plan. Your books include:

  • The New Retirement Report, a free 52-page report on today’s economy, unique risks facing retired and to-be-retired Americans, and how to prepare for them.
  • The Annuity Insights Guidebook, a free 53-page non-biased reference guide on annuities, different types, what annuity guarantees really mean, and much more.
  • The Retirement Simplified Roadmap, a quick 28-page read on how to create a guaranteed lifetime income, safeguard your wealth, and build a predictable retirement lifestyle.

All of these retirement resources are available as complimentary downloads.

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Along with the three-part Safe Money book series, features articles and resources on many other topics, including:

  • Retirement planning fundamentals
  • Retirement income planning strategies
  • Distribution requirements set by the IRS tax code
  • Social Security and timing of benefits claiming
  • Information on guaranteed solutions with life and annuities
  • Estate planning basics
  • And much more…

Please, use these resources to educate yourself and empower you to make confident retirement decisions. According to Hearts & Wallets, 58% of Americans struggle with retirement planning, estate planning, and investment decisions.

This doesn’t have to be the case for your retirement planning. At, we have created these materials so you and other retirement investors can achieve the financial security you need.

To request these free Safe Money Book resources at no cost, please request them here or call 877.476.9723 to inquire about your personal copies. Should you be ready for personal guidance, use our Find a Financial Professional section to connect directly with a financial professional. We look forward to helping you however we can.

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