Erik Kolomaznik

CK Financial Resources Principal
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Erik Kolomaznik
CK Financial Resources

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Ever heard the cliché, “Well, that’s just how we do it here. That’s how we’ve always done it”? It’s a common refrain, a byproduct of human nature that’s unfortunately all too prevalent in the world of money and finance. At CK Financial Resources, we refuse to settle for the status quo because we have seen where there is room for improvement.

We are a collective of independent financial professionals united by the guiding principles of West Point Academy’s famous credo: “We will not lie, cheat, steal, or tolerate those who do.” Our approach is rebellious and unapologetically questions every facet of the financial landscape. We reject the notion that “everyone else is doing it” is acceptable.

We employ scientific evaluation and mathematical techniques that stand up to scrutiny. After all, why make significant financial decisions without a solid foundation? At the core of our practice are the principles of Descartes’ reasoning and Socratic doubt, distinguishing our clients from those who navigate the financial journey with white knuckles and gritted teeth.

Our mission is to ensure our clients not only maximize their financial outcomes but also attain new levels of understanding and security. Empowering the client to make informed decisions every step of the way sets them apart from their peers, transforming the financial journey from a harrowing ride to a path of confidence and control. At CK Financial Resources, we challenge the clichés and embrace a philosophy that transcends the ordinary, ushering in a new era of financial empowerment.

Erik Kolomaznik

Erik’s journey encompassed various roles — that of parent, employee, and a citizen of the financial ecosystem. Throughout these experiences, he harbored skepticism and discontent regarding the structural foundations of the system, who benefits most, and that the status quo is accepted without challenge. In 2008, Erik faced the undeniable reality of his own financial future and that of his parents, so he embarked on a profound exploration of how the world of money truly works. What he learned was shocking enough to put him into action.

This quest led him to CK Financial Resources, where he initially became a client. Discovering a superior approach to financial management, Erik was not only pleased but inspired to contribute to the CKF legacy as an independent advisor. Motivated by a desire to safeguard others with this newfound knowledge, he joined the team, driven by the conviction that there is a better way to navigate the financial landscape and ensure the protection of individuals and their financial well-being.

Kerry Shamberger

Kerry is a seasoned professional with a wealth of experience in the financial industry, dedicating his entire adult life to navigating its intricacies. Recognizing the importance of critically examining the institutional narrative presented to the public, Kerry is on a mission to explore alternative perspectives and methodologies. His central question revolves around the potential for significantly improving client outcomes by employing a different narrative and approach. Naturally, this rebellious streak led him to strike out on his own long ago.

Remaining an active participant in the business, Kerry is driven by the belief that individuals must discern for themselves the distinctions between what truly serves the consumer’s interests and what favors the major players in finance. Through his ongoing commitment, Kerry aims to empower clients to make informed decisions in an era where distinguishing between beneficial practices and industry interests is paramount.

Kirk McManus

Kirk champions the notion that math, facts, and logic should serve as the universal equalizers, applicable to individuals across all economic backgrounds. Yet, he questions why access to financial guidance rooted in rationality and scientific thinking remains exclusive to the wealthiest target clients of the financial profession. The all-too-common answer, he posits, lies in the prevalence of ‘hype.’ Kirk’s unique brand of stubborn honesty delivers an antidote.

Armed with degrees in both chemistry and business, Kirk seamlessly applies analytical methodologies to the realm of personal finance. His audacious belief is that financial life plans ought to be resilient in both prosperity and adversity. The testament to the efficacy of his approach lies in his roster of lifetime clients, serving as compelling evidence that his unconventional theory not only works but stands the test of time.


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