Rick Dennis

Conservative Retirement Solutions, LLC President
1800 St. James Place, Suite 325
Houston, TX 77056
832-356-7233 (SAFE)
Rick Dennis

Your Retirement… Insured and Guaranteed!

Rick Dennis started Conservative Retirement Solutions, LLC in 2004, after he witnessed the negative impact the “Dot-Com” stock market crash of 2000-2002 had on the retirement accounts of his fellow Baby Boomers. Rick’s goal in starting the company was to offer safe, guaranteed financial alternatives to people who were saving for their retirement, and this remains his main focus and priority today.

Conservative Retirement Solutions, LLC is located in Houston, Texas and caters exclusively to clients who want “safe, secure and guaranteed retirements.”

Our clients don’t want to risk losing any of their retirement money in the stock market, and they don’t want to risk the possibility of “outliving their money.”

We help each client achieve these results of “no stock market losses” and “guaranteed lifetime income” by only using “safe money” financial products that are “contractually guaranteed” to never lose money during market declines, and are available only from “legal reserve” life insurance companies.


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