Billy Snyder

B Snyder Insurance Owner
40 Brattontown Circle
Lafayette, TN 37083
Billy Snyder

Billy Snyder – Retirement income planning and Medicare specialist

Billy has been serving his clients for over 16 years and always focuses on what is best for them. He understands the needs of his clients with health insurance through Medicare and reviews each option with them to insure they understand how and why the plan he recommends is the best plan for them.

When it comes to a person’s hard earned retirement accounts, Billy teaches and recommends the Safe Money concept. If someone is close to, or already retired, they don’t have the luxury of time to help recover any losses while in the market. Traditional retirement accounts are subject to market risk, extra fees, and longevity risk. A Safe Money policy eliminates all of these and can provide a guaranteed lifetime income that cannot be outlived.

A very important concern for most today is about Long-Term Care (LTC). Billy always asks, “How do you plan on paying for care in the long term?” Many of the policies that Billy recommends has benefits available if the need to go into a long-term care facility arises. This can prevent running out of money too soon and having to sell assets that were earmarked for loved ones or charities.

Finally, helping reduce taxes during retirement can be very helpful when doing retirement income planning. Most people do not realize that there are some policies that not only grow tax deferred but are also distributed tax free. These policies can help offset the taxes due from traditional retirement plans, leave a lump sum to pay estate taxes and final expenses, and possibly leave more to the kids or grandkids.

Billy is active in the community and is a member of the Chamber of Commerce and the local Rotary, as well as on the board of a local Senior Center. He is part of a weekly radio show and discusses all manners of insurance including Medicare and retirement income planning. He enjoys the outdoors and spending time with his growing family and his dog Charlie.

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