Frederick Ball

FD Ball Faith and Finance Advisors Founding Member
10161 Park Run Drive Ste. 150
Las Vegas, NV 89145
Frederick Ball

After completing a successful career as a consultant and logistics and supply chain engineer, Fred Ball embarked upon a new career in financial planning. Fred realized just how ill prepared he was for his own retirement, for managing and growing family wealth, and for a successful and prosperous transfer of intergenerational wealth. Fred spent six months of introspective analysis and a thorough evaluation of his family’s future financial outlook.

He was able to redirect this academic training in finance, marketing, and operations research science to become a sought after and an admired financial advisor who specializes in retirement income and estate planning. Fred holds graduate degrees from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor in Masters Mathematics with an emphasis in Optimization Analysis and a MBA degree from UC Berkeley in Finance and Operations Research.

After completing studies and successfully completing a series of exams for license in financial service, Fred initially worked within a well-known Broker/Dealership. In 2010, Fred decided to take his business totally independent and place unique emphasis on the area of retirement income and estate planning. In time, Fred founded Faith & Finance Advisors as a non-profit ministry that would provide free financial literacy materials, training, and financial advice. Because of his passion for spreading financial literacy, Fred felt naturally drawn to Safe Money.


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