Don Wilson

Civil Benefits Group CEO
455 East Eisenhower Parkway, suite 300
Ann Arbor, MI 48108
Don Wilson

I am a highly motivated financial professional who has passion for helping clients maximize their retirement by eliminating risk and guiding people through their transition out of work. I advise members of the public and private sectors with a special focus on civil service retirement systems. I am an expert on pension calculation, and retirement analysis. Clients tell me I excel at communicating and explaining complex or confusing concepts and making them simple and easy to understand.

I understand the employee benefit landscape and have a talent for clearly translating critical details to clients. I have worked as a benefits consultant for federal employee unions, conducted countless new employee orientations, benefits presentations, meetings, and ERISA approved training. I am the founder and CEO of Civil Benefits Group, a financial services firm proudly licensed and operating in 15 states. Through executive positions at national carriers, I managed teams responsible both group and individual benefits. I lead a consortium of colleagues, competitors and clients who meet regularly to compare notes and learn how to constantly improve client outcomes.

My practice focuses on helping pre-retirees and retirees avoid the most common financial mistakes and making sure that your money works as hard for you, as you do to get it! As a final note, I was a Lieutenant with the Detroit Police Department for 20 years protecting and serving my community, and that tradition continues in the financial services space.


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