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Quantum Financial Group, Inc. President & CEO
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Quantum Financial Group, Inc.

David’s career began in 1983 on the trading floors in Chicago and New York where he was recruited by one of the world’s largest and preeminent investment banking firms.

Starting as a trader and investment advisor, David’s trading and investment prowess in equities, options, futures, and fixed income assets was quickly recognized resulting in his transition over into actual fund and investment portfolio management. Soon thereafter, having been promoted into senior management, David’s expertise now included more advanced financial derivatives and hedging activities provided to the firm’s most affluent clients and institutional investors. With his industry success being widely recognized, within a few years David was sought out and recruited by one of the country’s largest regional banks to shore up and take control of their trading and investment management operations. Soon thereafter, subsequent record-breaking performance success gained national attention which in-turn led to the entire firm’s banking and investment operations being acquired by one the country’s largest money center banks.

At this juncture and building upon all acquired expertise, in 1993 David founded Quantum Financial Group a full-service wealth management firm with a national scope. Over several decades David has built a team that emphasizes intellectual rigor, in-depth customization, and committed service. He and his team work closely with and provide customized advice and guidance to a select group of corporate executives, entrepreneurs, ultra-high-net-worth families, foundations and endowments, helping them streamline the complexities and capitalize on the opportunities of substantial wealth.

Collectively, our team provides access to the intellectual capital, in-depth due diligence and top-quality research and technology of several of the largest global financial services companies. We draw on our experience, market acumen and professional skills, together with the investing insights of the world’s leading investment firms and money managers, to help our clients grow and preserve their wealth during their lifetime and beyond. We are ardent practitioners of a disciplined global asset allocation approach encompassing several asset classes to create a portfolio that is designed to help meet a specific set of outcomes such as a client’s financial independence, income, retirement, philanthropy and other uniquely personal goals.

Our approach has two components: a strategic asset allocation for the long term and a tactical overlay focused on taking advantage of the short-term inefficiencies in the market. We are constantly studying markets to identify profitable and durable long-term themes and sectors that may align with clients’ risk tolerance, liquidity needs, time horizon and long and short-term goals. Another cornerstone of our philosophy involves using tax minimization strategies which we focus on all year round as opposed to a reactive, last minute approach. Our portfolio objective is to help manage volatility and market downside risk while maintaining a steady focus on long-term wealth accumulation. We employ portfolio rebalancing on a periodic basis to see that portfolios are properly aligned for risk and returns. One of the attributes of our team’s intellectual capital is our strong and nuanced understanding of global economics and wealth creation. This perspective helps us work with our clients to design investment portfolios that take full advantage of the many opportunities that the global markets have to offer. In summary, our team always strives to bring just the right mix of liquidity, savings, wealth accumulation, retirement income, and tax advantages consistent and aligned with our clients’ stated goals and objectives. And naturally we do embrace the use of financially guaranteed products and strategies to ensure maximum protection, which ultimately provides certainty, security and peace of mind.

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