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Creating Financial Clarity

Steve has over 35 years of extensive experience in the financial industry. He has helped hundreds of individuals meet their financial objectives, especially for Social Security, Medicare, and Retirement Planning. As a Federal Retirement Counselor (FRC), Steve always acts in the Best Interest of his clients without consideration to any Companies, products, services, or purchases. “Success is when the client makes the right decision for them”.

A large focus for Steve has been on educating people on the difficult and complex strategies for Retirement Planning. He has been actively educating his community through the Council of Financial Educators, (COFE) a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Steve and his wife Lynn have been married for over 39 years and live in Wallingford, CT. They have raised three children and are now grandparents!

Rick has always had an intrinsic interest in financial and retirement planning. After college Rick enlisted in the Army National Guard as a combat medic but maintained his interest in the financial world, and so much so, during his deployment to the Middle East as a Field Artillery Officer, his platoon gave him the call sign “Wall Street.” As a platoon leader.

Rick’s ability to formulate strong plans in complex environments has prepared him to navigate through the needs of his clients. Rick creates strategies for their Social Security, Medicare, and Retirement Planning. He also conducts pro bono training for COFE (Council of Financial Educators) to increase community awareness for retirement and to ensure benefits are maximized to their fullest potential. Rick currently serves as a Major in the Army National Guard. He, his wife Abby, daughter Zoe, son Carter and dog Sadie live in Wallingford.


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