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Suba Narla
Safe Money Programs

Do you have 401(K) plans for your Retirement?; Savings in Savings accounts and / or Stocks & Mutual Funds?;  529 Plans for your kids and/or grand kids’ educational funding?

If you have any of the above programs .. Great. You are already planning ahead. Good news …  You are saving for your future financial needs. Real Bad news .. Taxes; Inflation; Stock market crashes; Low returns on your investments; High Brokerage and / or account charges; –  will impact you and greatly reduce your real $$ savings when you need them the most. Even worse, what happens if these issues arise when your earnings stop after your retirement?

All of our programs protect your money if the stocks go down but can give you excellent returns if the stocks go up. Safe Money with high returns!!

We specialize in and offer multiple programs wherein you do not pay taxes on the money you make! By creating programs based on certainty and not hype, we create worry free Retirement for you and your families.

We focus on College Funding programs, Tax-Free incomes / cash flows, Becoming your own Banker, creating Worry free retirements, Never losing your money even if the stocks tank, making Market based returns comparable to stock returns during good years, Mortgage pay offs, Guaranteed income for life, free Long term care benefits at no additional cost, RE and income property purchase assistance, making money while Donating to Charities, Advanced Trust planning and implementation, Advanced Wealth Strategies, Safe Money Programs / Solutions, Asset protection, Wealth transfer, Legacy planning etc. Please check our companion websites Wealth Strategies USA ( ) and Exclusive Trusts ( ) for additional ideas.

Suba Narla has been consulting nationwide for over 25 years. He considers himself a Wealth Strategist rather than a traditional Financial Advisor. Please read the excellent information in all 3 of our websites and order information booklets where applicable. But most important, contact us so we can provide a comprehensive plan to turbo charge your future financial needs.


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