Kenneth J. Wilkinson MSFP,MCEP,RFC

Harvest Investment & Insurance Services, Inc CEO
710 S Broadway, Suite #250
Walnut Creek, CA 94596
Kenneth J. Wilkinson MSFP,MCEP,RFC
Harvest Investment & Insurance Services, Inc

Ken Wilkinson is a highly versatile financial professional with over 45 years of experience in helping clients with their personal financial situations. He is very passionate about helping people just like you from all walks of life achieve more financial security and peace of mind. Among other things, Ken has extensive training in business, personal financial consulting, and estate planning. He has been featured as a speaker and trainer at many meetings for several financial companies. Numerous CPAs, attorneys, and financial professionals have attended events in which Ken has led education and certification efforts in these respective areas of practice.

Ken is the founder of Spectrum Synergy Group, Inc., an advisory and consulting firm which has strategic partnerships with CPAs, attorneys, Certified Financial Planners, and other top-tier professionals to bring you a blended, holistic approach for your complete financial picture.

Ken is dedicated to helping people protect their assets, have all their i’s dotted and t’s crossed in their financial affairs, and create strong, lasting legacies with time-proven business, financial, and estate planning strategies. His core strengths include assisting clients in reducing taxes and increasing cash-flow. He considers himself privileged to serve clients from all sorts of backgrounds: retired professionals, seniors approaching retirement, physicians, dentists, business owners, well-known artists, business executives, and families.

Ken holds a degree in business and finance from California State University, East Bay, and also has a master’s of science degree in finance. He believes in ongoing education in order to achieve the best outcomes for his clients, and his educational background includes being a Master Certified Estate Planner, a Certified Estate and Business Analyst, and a Registered Financial Consultant. Ken is also part of numerous financial industry and other professional organizations to always keep his finger on the pulse of the latest changes in finance, law, taxes, estate planning, and other areas affecting his daily work.

Ken and his wife, Luann, are proud to have four sons and seven grandchildren. When not serving clients, Ken enjoys uncovering little-known worlds under our oceans in his scuba-diving adventures.


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