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John Pierce
Benefits Analysts

I’ve spent nearly 50 years helping people (like my own family) find ways to deal effectively with the three events that happen to virtually every single person.

The 3 Facts of Everybody’s Life:

  1. WE ALL PAY TAXES. (Is there a legal way to cut back or even eliminate income TAXES? Have you ever figured out what you are paying to Uncle Sam compared to what you keep and can spend?)
  2. WE ALL WILL EXPERIENCE SOME LOSS OF HEALTH AND VIGOR. (Sickness, aging, injuries … Do you know what will be “on you” when your health insurance stops paying? )
  3. WE ALL EVENTUALLY PASS ON and leave expenses and support obligations behind for others to take care of. (Can we ease this burden we leave for others? What about creating a possibly tax-free family legacy? )

I’m glad that I can serve as a “best solution finder” for ALL of these life situations within the life insurance industry of today.

My joy is to help people plan and find new hope so that they can KNOW they have made a HUGE impact on their own lives and that of those they love and care for.

I’m fortunate to have access, as an independent life insurance broker, to all of these “remedies” and it is a joy to be able to help hundreds of new friends find just the right solutions, just as my Dad did for our family.

Let’s get acquainted, do some exploring or planning, and see if we can find the best solutions to your own “3 questions”. NEVER any “pushing”… just sharing and explaining options. We start with where you are NOW and steer toward your dream lifestyle!

My company, Benefits Analysts, is dedicated to Your search.


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