Howard Burkhart

California and other states
Action Pays Insurance Services Owner
PO Box 261516
Encino, CA 91426
Howard Burkhart
Action Pays Insurance Services

Since 2005, Howard has been serving clients with the Five Pillars of Personal Wealth Protection: Health, Income, Long-term Care, Estate Accumulation, and Income for Life. He began his insurance business after seeing an 80+ year old woman on his ambulance gurney who was out of money, health, and hope. There was nothing he could do for her then, but he wondered what could have been done decades before. The answer was the Five Pillars.

As an Emergency Medical Technician since 1983, Howard has seen what life can do to personal wealth when illness or injuries cause physical, mental, or financial harm, or limit the ability to earn income. He has also seen elders in great shape, at the more than 500 running events and festivals he worked over 25 years. What needs to be done for you? What goals need to be financed? The difference is preparation: to succeed or fail is YOUR decision! Give Howard the OK, and the funds, and he will GET IT DONE!


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