Belinda Lang

Lang Insurance Services President / Agent

Belinda Lang

At our agency, we offer Medicare 101 presentations, strictly educational information on Medicare, at no cost. The purpose of the presentation is to break down and understand Medicare and its parts, when to enroll, when to postpone enrolling, and how to avoid the Medicare penalties etc.

We have become the first choice of people who are seeking a reliable solution for their senior health insurance needs, and are committed to being the premier agency in the senior market. We are passionate about what we do and have dedicated our careers to learning the complexities and dynamics of Medicare and senior driven products. As licensed consultants, we offer unbiased guidance for those 65 and older.

We have worked with Gallagher, Moreton, The Hunter Group, Altura, Presidio, Wells Fargo, Credit Unions, Utility companies, and several School Districts, just to name a few.

I, myself, have helped to lead large scale selling efforts with United Healthcare in Arizona and time working with large companies, such as Ford, General Motors, Caterpillar, and several others, across the nation who transitioned existing retiree’s on group coverage into alternate Medicare plans. I have assisted thousands of seniors with their Medicare and senior insurance needs, whether it is as a group or individually.

As you know, Medicare can be confusing! Going the extra mile to answer a question or solve a problem is what we do! We are here to help!

Belinda Lang

Belinda is licensed in CA, ID, NV, UT, AZ, OK


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