The Truth Behind These Common Retirement Misconceptions

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Editor's Note: The following article is a retirement guest post that has been authored and contributed by Katherine Brown.

Have you already saved money for your retirement years, or are you playing catch-up now? You need to be aware of certain myths and misconceptions about retirement.

Surviving and thriving during your retirement years entails knowing the truth behind these misconceptions. When you are armed with the right information, it’s easier to turn your lifelong savings into dependable strategies that can help you retire comfortably.

You Won’t Spend As Much During Retirement Compared To Now 

It’s easy to assume that you will be enjoying a slower life during your twilight years. Even if this were true, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you will be spending less.

The need for a steady income doesn’t stop during retirement, and in many cases, they actually tend to increase. 

Speaking with CNBC News, United Income CEO Matt Fellowes explains: “Retirees have volatile spending throughout their retirement, due to everything from negative shocks like car maintenance to dental work to positive shocks like helping grandchildren go to summer camp.” 

In short, you will be spending as much, if not more, for a variety of reasons related to aging.

Medicare Automatically Has You Covered

A common misconception is that you automatically get covered by Medicare. However, this is only true if you signed up to Social Security before turning 65.

If you haven’t registered, then you could end up paying up to 10% more for each year you didn’t apply. It is best to be protective and find out exactly how you are covered and when to get it.

Healthcare costs are rising and medical services across the country are strained. An overview of the current state of U.S. healthcare by Maryville University, and confirmed by the U.S. Census Bureau, reports that, in the space of 16 years, the number of senior citizens increased by 15 million.

This means that in the future, more citizens will be looking to claim Medicare plans. In turn, that could lead to comparatively fewer people being covered. And even if you are covered, it may also be best to start looking for a retirement healthcare plan that is tailored to your specific needs.

This could save you a lot of money in the future. 

You Can Work Well Into Your Retirement Years

There are some people who can work well into their 70s with little-to-no impact on their health. However, this isn’t true for the majority of retirees. 

USA Today states that even though it is important to work, as well as to delay taking Social Security benefits, for as long as you can, a Plan B also matters. It’s equally important to have a backup plan in case something forces you to retire.

Whether it’s healthcare issues, lay-offs, industry age limits, or disability, simply being in an age close to retirement greatly increases your risks of running into such issues. Consider this fact if you are planning to retire much later than the rest of the population.

Making the Most of Your Retirement Future

These are just some of the many myths and misconceptions associated with retirement. SafeMoney offers practical information on retirement planning fundamentals as well as IRAs, 401(k)s, and other crucial factors for near-future retirees to consider.

If you want to retire comfortably, you need every piece of practical information you can get your hands on. The more you know about the reality of retirement in America, the better you can ensure a comfortable future for yourself.

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