What is Your Retirement Confidence?

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In prior blog posts, we discussed the importance of preparing for retirement. After all, it’s a critical component of a secure post-retirement lifestyle. Having an effective, personalized retirement plan will help bring lasting peace of mind. 

Unfortunately, surveys continue to show Americans have strong anxiety about their retirement. A recent PricewaterhouseCoopers survey report offers insights into current levels of retirement confidence. In the 2015 Employee Financial Wellness Survey, retirement confidence was stronger than last year’s survey. 57% said they weren’t confident they’d be able to retire when they wanted to – down from 60% in 2014 and 65% in 2013.

The data resonate with insights gathered from other surveys. As previously discussed, running out of money in retirement continues to be a primary concern of American workers and retirees alike.

What about Other Insights?

Other measures also provided insights into Americans’ retirement concerns. Among other changing dynamics, defined-benefit pension plans are on the decline in the American workplace. As a result, people understand their retirement now falls more squarely on their shoulders.

In the PwC report, over 70% said they should hold primary responsibility for retirement funding. Likewise, 17% said it should be their employer and 13% reported it should fall to the government. Despite those trends, it was clear most of the employees were uncomfortable with undertaking this obligation as their own. Just 51% reported they would be open to losing a portion of their future compensation for guaranteed retirement income.

Many of the surveyed parties also indicated their belief they would have to continue employment in retirement. Of all surveyed employees, 54% would consider part-time work if their employer offered it to them. Furthermore, 35% said it was likely they would have to draw from their retirement money to pay for non-retirement expenses – another factor which could impact future income resources.

What about Your Retirement Confidence?

So we have covered some dynamics of retirement confidence in America. But what about you? Are you confident you have everything you need to enjoy a secure, peaceful retirement?

Here are some questions to consider:

• Do you have a retirement plan in place?
• What standard of living will you and your partner desire in retirement?
• What sources of income will you be drawing from?
• Does your “retirement number” account for future living costs?
• Does it account for healthcare costs? Long-term care costs?
• What is your current health status? Your partner’s status?
• Do you or your partner have a chronic medical condition?
• What is your “Safe Money” amount – or how much you can’t afford to lose?
• How much will Social Security be offering you as an income source?
• When do you plan to file for Social Security? Your partner?
• Will you be giving money to loved ones for additional factors like college savings?
• How much of your retirement funds is allocated in market-based investments?
• What are your plans for leaving an estate?
• What’s your effective tax rate likely to be in retirement?

These are just a few dimensions to consider within your unique needs. Everyone has different goals, objectives, and requirements. It’s important that your retirement plan be tailored to you and your partner’s own specifications. As time elapses in retirement, we believe your plan also shouldn’t rely too heavily on investments with high market risk as income sources.

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