Mark Rogers

Simply Benefits, LLC Owner
1030 N. Center Parkway
Kennewick, WA 99336
Mark Rogers
Simply Benefits, LLC

For the past 20 years Mark Rogers has helped Rural Families and Retirees build security and control into their financial futures by protecting from health-care expenses, market-based risks, and increasing income taxes in retirement.

Mark knows that Rural Retirees and Families enjoy a certain freedom and quality of life, but also face unique challenges of having Retirement Savings suffer that their fellow retirees in the urban counties may not face as much.

Mark Rogers grew up on a small family farm with his family, and father worked down at the local paper mill.  At the early age of 48, his father passed away from a 1 year battle with cancer, leaving a young family with limited resources.

After Mark achieved his Business Administration degree at Washington University and continuing  a career at Hewlett Packard with national marketing strategies, Mark wanted to go back to his roots in helping Rural Families build security and control.

For the past 20 years Mark has brought UNIQUE educational topics to help Rural Retirees understand how to build a secure, liquid and controlled financial Retirement phase.   He is a noted advisor on the Smart Money network, a proud Member of NAIFA since 2008 (National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors) looking to educate legislators on the impact of proposed legislation hindering Retiree options for security.   He has also achieved the Long-Term Care Specialist and the LUTCF designations, and working on his Retirement Income Certified Planner designation (to be completed in 2024).

As Mark Rogers manages his small family farm with his wife of 30 years, he enjoys meeting new Clients that become friends that call him during annual visits and claims when health crisis happens, helping them to claim on disability policies, long-term care policies and life insurance policies.  Or he shares how to maximize income from their Social Security income and annuity policies during the increasing inflation periods coming.

Mark continues these relationships across the many miles and states on the phone or on Zoom meetings, along with the occasional visits into rural counties of these Pacific Northwest states.


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