Dan Bramschreiber (TX #958498)

DAB Wealth Management President
14 Brookhaven Drive
Lucas, TX 75002
Dan Bramschreiber (TX #958498)

A native “Yooper,” Dan Bramschreiber has lived within Texas since 1996. A graduate of Western Michigan University, he has been in the financial services industry for nearly all of that time. He is married to Nicole Bramschreiber, with whom he has three daughters. Sporting events, coaching, and outdoor activities are a large part of the Bramschreibers’ daily lives. Recent relocation to Lucas, Texas lets them enjoy these activities in quiet, serene settings.

Dan formed his own financial firm in 2003. Strong client relationships are a hallmark of his practice. Dan’s focus is on developing comprehensive wealth management solutions for all issues relating to clients’ finances and lifestyle. He differentiates his approach by constructing plans that have high probability of success with minimal risk exposure. These services include working with clients to complete a personal Investment Policy Statement (IPS). It serves as a framework for all financial decisions, regardless of interest rates and economic conditions. It also helps clients by taking emotion out of the equation as a driver for decision-making.

Having an IPS facilitates active consulting and allows him to truly understand each client situation. This helps to anticipate future issues, develop personalized solutions, and mitigate risks. DAB Wealth Management relies on a long-range vision to help you plan your target net worth, protect your estate, and reduce your tax liability, for whatever your objectives may be.


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