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Required Minimum Distributions

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Attention U.S. Citizens At or Near Age 70½

You are at or near the age that is required by the IRS to remove a certain amount of money from your IRA each year ("Required Minimum Distribution," or "RMD"). Like many of our clients, you probably have an IRA. And there’s a real good chance that it is the largest financial asset you own.

If you do not withdraw the proper amount by the specified deadline, you could face a 50% penalty from the IRS, plus taxation of 10—35% (depending on tax bracket). This means your IRA distribution monies could be reduced up to 60—85%.

A booklet has been prepared that contains the current 2013 IRA distribution table. This table will show you how much you must distribute from your IRA to avoid penalties. It also includes easy-to-understand instructions for completing this Required Minimum Distribution.Senior Couple2



You'll Learn:

    •     How much income tax you will have to pay on your RMD's
    •     How much money you need to take out and when
    •     What a qualified plan is
    •     What happens if you take the wrong amount out
    •     Are there RMD requirements for a Roth IRA
    •     and much more...

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