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Federal Retirement Planning – Wilmington, DE


Are you looking for federal retirement planning guidance in or near Wilmington, Delaware? Federal employees have great benefits, but those retirement, life, and survivor benefits programs are about as complicated as these things get. To make well-informed choices, it’s good to understand what is available to you.

Just that part can be challenging, as federal employee benefits have so many ins-and-outs, and not only that, making one choice can impact your other choices or your situation altogether. For example, have you planned to leave a survivor benefit for your spouse? What if your spouse passes away before you? What happens to the money that was put up as a ‘cost’ for the survivor benefit, then?

You deserve to know where different federal benefits scenarios and choices can lead. To find assistance, start by looking for an independent federal retirement planning consultant serving Wilmington. You want to find someone willing and eager to answer your questions. At, we work with independent federal benefits experts serving Wilmington, New Castle, Smyrna, Townsend, Dover, Milford, Rehoboth Beach, Millsboro, Bridgeville, Camden, and the surrounding areas.

If you want to find someone who can answer your questions about your benefits now and what they will look like at your planned separation of service date, financial professionals can help you. We understand your various options for your federal benefits and the typical mistakes that many federal employees make.

Our independent financial professionals can also help you with technical questions like the cost of a survivor benefit, how to get reliable income from your TSP, and how changes in your life can affect your benefits. We can help you with these questions and many more. Usually, we can cover your first group of federal retirement benefits planning questions in an hour or so.

Call us at 877.476.9723, and we will introduce you to a independent financial professional for an initial consultation meeting. They will do a comprehensive benefits analysis report for you. This report will help you identify possible gaps in your benefits and ways to cover those gaps now. Both the report and the meeting are free and without obligation to you. You can expect to leave your meeting with a better understanding of your federal benefits and the best options for you.

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