James A Schrack

Schrack Financial Senior Partner
12319 E. Broadway
Spokane Valley, WA 99216
James A Schrack


Owner and senior partner in Schrack Financial Services Group, a company dedicated to providing sound, creative solu­tions to the retirement planning concerns of their clients.

Jim has spent the last 27 years accumulating an expertise in all of the areas that impact his clients both to and through re­tirement. Including Social Security, Medicare and Long-Term Care issues, as well as sound Investment strategies that include prod­ucts for accumulating assets as well as products that provide the income needed for a long retirement. {Note: They are not the same) Working together with a network of tax and legal profes­sionals, we are able to provide a holistic approach to client plan­ning needs.

Prior to starting Schrack Financial Group, Jim, along with his wife Nancy, built, and for 15 years, operated a successful company in Pennsylvania that designed, installed and serviced industrial weighing and batch control sys­tems for companies like Hershey Foods and Armstrong Industries.

After selling that business and moving to Washington and settling on a ranch in the mountains over looking Lake Roosevelt, Jim decided that semi-retirement didn’t really suit him, and so he refocused his efforts in the Financial Services Industry and thus, Schrack Financial Services Group was born. It was the attention to detail needed in de­signing the equipment and processes in the Pennsylvania business that, when transferred to the new business quickly translated into success.

After several years of providing investment & financial advise to his clients, it became apparent that it wasn’t enough to just offer his expertise and recommendations, because even after providing detailed explanations of the financial concepts and processes we use, the clients too often simply did not understand what they were really getting and why all of the things we covered were necessary.

It was at that point that it was decided to offer extensive educational materials, workshops, and programs to our clients so they could educate themselves and be better able to understand the reasons for our recommendations which in turn enables them to make better decisions for themselves. Today we offer numerous, books, articles, white­papers, and seminars to provide clients with knowledge that enables them to make the informed decisions needed for a secure retirement.

The heart of our practice is the planning software program we use which allows our clients to quickly see op­tions and what-if scenarios to further enhance their ability to make informed decisions about their future. The soft­ware quickly allows us to illustrate different claiming strategies for Social Security and Medicare as well as different tax planning concepts and investment and withdrawal strategies, all of which can have a profound impact on retire­ment income planning.

Finally, the software alerts us to the need for updates, when to take RMD’s (Required Minimum Distribu­tions), and do annual reviews which permit us to adjust to changes that inevitably take place over the years.

The software program along with our net work of tax and legal professionals allows us to provide a compre­hensive estate plan that ensures that a lifetime of work and savings doesn’t get needlessly lost to taxes and unfore­seen events that, without proper planning, can have a detrimental impact on their retirement.

If you have questions about your own retirement, or have specific concerns, we are always available to talk and there is never any cost for this service. We also have several links that will enable you to check on your retirement readiness in complete confidentiality.

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