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First Prosperity Team President
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First Prosperity Team

Bruce Holbert is president of the First Prosperity Team. A highly experienced licensed agent, he has the ability to offer many annuity and guaranteed insurance solutions for your needs from multiple leading carriers. If you worry about taxes going up in the future, Bruce can help you discover strategies that can help alleviate your future tax burden.
As an independent financial professional, Bruce believes that retirement should put financial security first, then financial risk second. He offers a strong knowledge for your personalized retirement needs. As a practically minded business owner, Bruce also knows where his knowledge and expertise end. And in those cases, he works with other professionals to help you receive the right guidance for your financial picture.

Bruce is passionate about helping everyone achieve financial security, and there are some retired as well as working-age Americans who will benefit more from his services. Please do not hesitate to contact Bruce for a no-obligation appointment if any of the criteria below describe your needs:

1. You are between the ages of 35 and 85 and believe that taxes will not be going down.
2. Want to pay less taxes now and especially at retirement so you won’t have to give up your lifestyle.
3. Understanding planning for the future is not static but one that is always in motion and must always be reviewed annually and sometimes more often if major events occur during the year.
4. You will need to be one that stays with a retirement plan even when the times get tight.

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