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I started in the insurance business 30+ years ago. I found that moving from the counseling profession to the insurance profession to be a very smooth and natural transition. Meeting with clients came natural. I’ve spent years with clients in their homes as well as in my office actively listening and clearly communicating to educate and move toward solutions that are right for the client. What I have found in my business is that clients are looking to protect what property and money they have from taxes, eliminate debt, and grow their estate as large as possible. So, through questioning I find out what is their initial financial “pain” that may be the road block that is keeping them from reaching their financial goals. Identify the “pain,” provide a workable solution and start the journey to reaching financial independence. See, I believe “debt” and “taxes” are the main issues that are hurting most people’s ability to build wealth. “Debt” stands in the way of accumulating wealth, and “Taxes” hurts when it comes to distributing that wealth.

When I started in the business it began in the Property & Casualty(P&C) area of insurance. Helping clients properly insure their auto, home and businesses in case a claimable incident occurred. These are the basics, and it is where I start with a client in building and establishing a relationship that will create loyalty.

Upon establishing a positive and comfortable relationship the work then begins with a more detailed assessment on how the client’s current financial picture is. Through questioning and listening together we hope to identify the issues most important to the client and create a comfortable tax advantaged solution that will move them toward financial independence and eliminate as much as possible those two unkind words, “debt” and “taxes.”
Loyalty of customers is the core of a lasting career. In short, I help clients with a strategy that helps them create wealth and protect their assets without stocks and mutual funds.

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