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Princeton Financial Services President
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An old saying goes, "We don't know what we don't know". In 1978, I learned for the first time that the cost of life insurance varied as much as 400% for the exact same coverage! As a newly licensed agent, I began to share that knowledge with hundreds of people to help them obtain the best coverage, from the top companies, at the most favorable rates for them. I have expanded that concept to help hard working people have the best protection for disability, long term care, medical insurance, AND "Safe Money" retirement "vehicles".

Insurance and retirement products are just LIKE "vehicles" in that they are designed to take you to a desired destination. And like vehicles, you don't have to pay for a Rolls Royce to take you there. Nor do you want to take the risk of riding in a vehicle that is a potential danger that may "break down" on you, charge excessive (often hidden) fees, and can leave you stranded on your financial journey through life!

My mission is to provide the proper protection and sound Safe Money planning to minimize or even eliminate financial risk AND defer or even eliminate income taxes for a beautiful retirement plan. My pledge is to treat YOUR hard earned assets, your financial goals for you and your family and/or business with the same seriousness and respect as I would my own! I look forward to having the honor of working with you.

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