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Steve Lucks Born Washington, D.C 1952 B.A. Psychology Stetson University, Deland, FL; Graduated Suma Cum Laude M.S. Clinical Psychology; University of Central Florida Graduated Magna Cum Laude Mr. Lucks has practiced for 13 years as a Family Therapist. He was co-founder of Mental Health Services Systems; the first public licensed Mental Health Center in Tennessee. His particular area of expertise were involved with Family Therapy, Depression, and Senior Counseling. He was a Pharmaceutical Representative with Bristol Myers Squibb in the Cardiovascular Division for 16 years. He worked as a specialist representative traveling across the U.S. helping to educate cardiologists and nephrologists regarding an innovative new class of cardiovascular products that revolutionized the treatment of CHF and Hypertension. Areas of special training included: Renal Hemodynamics, Renal Dysfunction, The entire Cardiovascular System, and the Renal Angiotension System.

your cake and eat it tooIn 1995 Steve retired from his prior endeavors to follow his long time interest in Equity Trading. Steve was extremely successful as a trader on his own accounts and decided to use this expertise to advise seniors. During his years as a Family Therapist, Steve discovered that many of the senior population were living restricted lifestyles because they were afraid of outliving their savings. He also discovered that they were completely unaware that products existed that could give both growth and safety, simultaneously. He decided to come out of retirement for the sole purpose of specializing in senior issues involving both financial services and lifestyle issues. He contracted with software specialists to help create proprietary systems to link a variety of investment vehicles together to help establish safe protocols for lifetime income without sacrificing growth or access to one’s account. His focus has been on helping seniors realize that investing with a plan that encompasses one’s entire situation is essential. Investing without regard to one’s overall assets, health, heirs, and goals is dangerous in that the plan is not integrated. Steve’s planning strategies involve helping people develop predictable income and growth so that they will not be afraid to use their income for the enjoyment of their senior years.

Steve is the co-founder of The Center For Retirement Planning, a middle Tennessee corporation that assists seniors with safe investing and senior planning. He is a nationally recognized speaker and has conducted hundreds of seminars throughout the southeast on senior planning, business development, safe investing, & entrepreneurship. He hosts informative radio shows on several Tennessee stations including, WNQM, WITA, and WNAH. These shows focus on senior and pre-senior Investing issues, concepts, and strategies. Steve founded the “Coalition to Save America” and was the Chief Strategy Officer of “The American Freedom Network”.

He has developed a comprehensive plan to restore America's adherence to the Constitution. The premise is that Americans need access to accurate facts and information, they need education about the Founding Documents and how they were designed to prevent Tyranny and finally, they need funding so that we can restore to a nation of citizen politicians. Steve is a member in good standing with the National Ethics Bureau and has a Triple A rating with the Better Business Bureau meaning he has never had a complaint. Office Voicemail: 1-877-878-3472 Cell: 615-491-5754 Articles Published: Safe Money Investing: Retirement Planning the Way it is Supposed to Be. 2010 EIA’s An Overview: November, 2010 There’s a New Reality In Town: Better Be Careful. February, 2010 It’s Time To Let Your Investments Have a New Beginning. July, 2010 Safe Money Vehicles: The Unseen Advantage. July, 2009 Safe Money Investing: Myth or Reality? August, 2009 Books: Forward for “The Trouble with Mutual Funds: Special Edition”, Kurt Lynn: November, 2012 “Having Your Cake and Eating It Too: Fixed Indexed Annuities an Overview” ; Steve Lucks; In process Published: “Secrets of a Worry Free Retirement”: May, 2009

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