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Since 1998, I have worked in the financial services industry. During this time. I became aware of a great need in areas such as fiduciary based retirement planning, Medicare options, income strategies, estate planning, and the positioning of guaranteed income sources and savings in order to help pre-retirees and retirees sustain income while fighting inflation

My expertise in strategic placement of saving helps prolong my client’s income as long as possible and helps to establish confident financial security. Having financial security is another path to good health; however, financial uncertainty lead to stress, anxiety, and illness. I have provided education to thousands of clients on the preservation of their assets. The strategies that I utilize allow my clients to increase their retirement income and reduce their taxes. Clients who follow my proven recommendations are successful at keeping more of their savings.

My experience in this business confirms that all these areas are vital to a “SOLID RETIREMENT AND INCOME PLAN.” I chose this profession because of the profound difference that I can make in the happiness and well-being of my clients.

As we work together, my clients become like family to me…I look forward to helping friends and clients to prosper both financially and personally. To better serve my clients, I am licensed in the states of Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, and Florida. I am always available to answer questions or to simply discuss any concerns a client might have, and I do return calls. It gives me great gratification to see the peace of mind my clients enjoy when their retirement plan is in order. This planning ensures that they do not outlive their savings and that their savings are protected from financial catastrophes.

Cris Hollingsworth, RICP (Retirement Income Certified Professional)

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