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Joseph Cianchetti

In the last few years, some of the biggest celebrities have not taken the steps to safeguard what they have built. Prince, Aretha Franklin just to name two of the more famous. The tragedy resulting from the Kobe Bryant crash. Mr. Bryant with all his partners and capital ventures the questions; have the proper agreements been made? Aretha and Prince had no will; their estates are in chaos. Without a will, an unwanted event could emerge, or force a sale putting the whole estate at risk. These things can make a very sad situation much worse. Families can be ruined.

Risk is the possibility of loss. Loss can occur in many forms. Risks pertaining to the loss of the main breadwinner. Risks from outliving your money. Don’t let any of these situations fall upon you. The time is now, tomorrow may be too late.

Having a Financial Professional review your situation, needs and goals to customize a retirement plan is essential for peace of mind. Everyone’s unique in their needs and an Independent Financial Professional has knowledge and access to far more than you may know even exists. Your plan should ensure principal protection and not outliving your money.


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