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A Better Way to Save

Terry Gurley is a Safe Money expert specializing in helping individuals and families prepare for retirement, while protecting their money from market loss – providing growth without risk. Getting one’s money out of risk becomes even more important as we near retirement age because no one wants to lose what they have worked so hard to accumulate. As a Retirement Coach, she specializes in retirement income planning, finding her clients’ the highest income possible to last a lifetime. She is also a certified Social Security Advisor and can help her clients maximize their social security benefits. And most important, as a licensed independent agent, her focus and loyalty is to YOU, the client, not any particular company.

Her safe money journey began in 2008 when the unthinkable happened – the stock market crashed like it did in 2002, AND the real estate market came tumbling down as well – and this market crash lasted almost 3 long years! Not only did Terry lose money in both, she also witnessed many others in the same situation, most of whom lost a large percentage of their retirement savings. Others lost their jobs, some their homes, and some even lost their marriages. It was devastating.

She knew there had to be a better way . . . that’s when she began her research on safe money options. She attended extensive financial seminars and classes, as well as read many books on the subject. And to her surprise, she learned that life insurance can be used to build and accumulate wealth, but safely. She also discovered that some of the wealthiest people in America knew about these safe strategies, whereas many middle class Americans did not. Most advisors focus on growth that’s laden with risk (financial planners deal in the stock market and real estate investors deal in real estate), but they don’t always consider protection, which is equally if not more important, especially as we get older.

Terry’s mission is to provide her clients with prosperity and peace of mind before, during, and after retirement.

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Terry Gurley
A Better Way to Save
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