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I became a CPA in New York in 1975 while working at a very substantial NYC CPA firm on SEC clients as well as high net worth families for about 10 years. At this firm, which through mergers is no longer around, I gained invaluable experience in every facet of accounting and taxes including what clients valued more than anything else in their CPAs: the ability to reduce their tax burden, help them protect and preserve their wealth, and being accessible to them. I took these values to Florida where I built a substantial accounting practice devoted mostly to servicing the needs of high net worth families and their businesses. In 1996 I sold my accounting practice and joined one of my successful clients in Los Angeles as CFO and stockholder until I sold my interest therein after achieving the intended task of selling the company through an IPO. The client company had sales in excess of $40 million and over 800 employees when I joined and we grew it to over $60 million in sales in a few short years. During my tenure at the company, I helped make it more profitable by renegotiating agreements with vendors of all types, reducing staff, and streamlining financial reporting so that management would get very current and accurate reporting.

In 2005 I discovered a new passion, Life Insurance, annuities and financial planning. This has changed my life in that it became a perfect complement to my practice dedicated to freedom from taxes to any extent possible. Why life insurance: simple answer compressed into 5 words: safe, secure and tax free. In 2011 I returned to what I consider my home-town, Miami, and now I practice solo with a full time staff assistant and utilize others as circumstances dictate. As I describe it, I love to help my clients keep more of what they make.

I utilize aggressive strategies many CPAs are not even aware of. My practice now includes accounting and taxes, as always, but also Financial Consulting with an emphasis on Retirement Income Planning. In this latter endeavor I utilize wonderful strategies that produce long-term wealth beyond most persons’ imagination, coupled with guaranteed income for life. When it comes to the stock market, I do not recommend people to own stocks directly unless they can afford to take huge losses. Instead I recommend proven money managers to safeguard their wealth using low risk strategies that produce very decent returns, but greatly reduce the possibilities of substantial losses. I am a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) as well as the Florida Institute of CPAs.

I am also insurance licensed in a number of states and is securities licensed. I am also a PFS (Personal Financial Specialist), a designation granted by the AICPA to practitioners with the knowledge and experience I am past President of my synagogue and of the Gold Coast Chapter of the FICPA. I also was a commissioner at the Housing Authority of Miami Beach for four years. I have three children and eight grandchildren.

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