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Decisive Wealth Management CEO
11699 Bluebird Court
Auburn CA 95602
Phone: 530-414-5218


After four years of active duty with the U.S. Army, Michael attended the University of Maryland, graduating with a B.S. degree in Journalism/Public Relations. He quickly became enthralled with the insurance industry while working in Washington, D.C., and joined the industry in 1972. In the early 1980’s, Michael moved to Tucson, Arizona, where he built a thriving business that included securities investments as well as insurance. His success led to the establishment of his own corporation, Decisive Wealth Management, in 1994. As the “dot.coms” began to falter, Michael turned towards the “principal guarantee” investment/insurance vehicles which he uses today. These vehicles allow for an increase in value when the markets rise and protection against any market down turns, and provides the opportunity for lifetime monthly income even with a zero balance.

Michael takes a holistic approach when working with his client base, looking at not only their insurance needs but estate planning needs as well. In addition to insurance, he is well versed in investment strategies, estate planning,business continuity planning and leveraging dormant assets. He strives to provide guidance and answers to the concerns and needs of his clients. His dedication to helping clients prosper has led to a loyal, growing clientele.

Michael currently resides in Northern California with his wife, Linda, and has two grown sons living in LA and Reno. He enjoys all outdoor activities as well as traveling abroad.

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"Michael, thank you. In 2009 I did just what you are offering now. I not only made 10% on my money I made 38% gain on my 2009 start balance and I have averaged 18% gain per year on my 2009 start point! I was so interested in the protected growth and reset of income rider I not only achieved consistent gains I recouped and exceeded my 2009 "restart" point by 112% gain in 6 years for the avg. of 18.63% - including the use of my money (without surrender charges) for vacations and surprise moving expenses! And Michael this has still worked to cover me since Sept 2013 when I was "retired at the age of 63."

Bob M.

“I needed to make a safe investment for income. I found the SafeMoney website and searched for a local representative. I was put in touch with Mike Thompson in Auburn/Grass Valley, CA. He and his wife, Linda, spent a lot of time finding the right investment for me.  I met with them personally twice and we went over each line of the application, making sure I understood how it worked and the safety of my principal. I felt very comfortable with them…..like being with a trusted friend. It was a good fit and I am looking forward to a good financial outcome.”

Judy D.

“This year I got together with Michael and Linda again to find another Safe investment for the proceeds from a Real Estate sale. They helped me choose a different one as well as investing again with Athene. I am anxiously waiting for my first anniversary in July… with the first Athene investment... to see my gains. We have become friends through our dealings... Michael has invited me over for his famous Chicken Enchilada dinner, I can hardly wait!”

Judith D. 

"Thank you Michael for all your support and guidance! I have been working with Michael for over four years now.  He has provided me with a safe place for my money where it has grown but also been protected.  I have never been as happy with any other professional who has attempted to manage my money as I have been with Michael Thompson.  Not only has he been there every time I have called, but he has provided support, knowledge, expertise and kindness.  I would highly recommend Michael to my family and friends and I will continue to use him as my mentor and guide when it comes to managing my money." 

Cindy V.

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