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Jim Chilton is the President and Founder of SOFA USA. SOFA is a nationwide nonprofit organization with the mission to end financial illiteracy across America, one community at a time. We are comprised of various financial professionals who volunteer a Pro Bono service to the community by providing various financial topics to companies, churches, and organizations in their geographic locale. Our Members are professionals such as Financial Advisors, Estate Planning sofa playAttorneys, Accountants, Realtors, Mortgage Brokers, Credit Counselors and Health & Wellness Practitioners. Founded in 1993, we have had the opportunity and privilege to work with various prominent companies and organizations across America. Our educational financial outreach, and years of continued success, has provided us name recognition and a reputation of excellence. Jim Chilton is a highly qualified and Safe Money Approved independent advisor.

About Jim...
In his youth, Jim wanted to be a professional baseball player like the greats: Willie Mayes and Pete Rose. As he grew older, he realized that he had a higher calling, and his true passion was to coach others. Jim's most notable coaching has been among the business community through
his three successful companies:  More About Jim

Financial Solutions:
A financial planning and advisory firm     

Prospecting Meister:
A marketing company     

SOFA-The Society for Financial Awareness:
A Non-Profit Educational Speakers Bureau

"Jim and I have been colleagues for several years. He provides me significant insight and guidance on financial planning. He is a great guy who really cares about the people who work with him. You will be happy for the opportunity to work with him".
--Susan L. Moore, President, Moore Financial Strategies

"I have referred clients to Jim for financial planning and the one thing I constantly hear is that he has a great deal of energy and information to share. Jim believes in strong relationships, which is the foundation for success in any field. He is also a great educator and public speaker".
--Teddy R. McNamara, Attorney and Owner Law Office of Teddy McNamara

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