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Holly F. Hanes

Safe Money Retirement Planning is not just a phrase. It is a philosophy for living a long and care free retirement.

At H.F. Hanes & Associates, Safe Money Retirement Planning focuses on both preservation and growth. We engage high quality, independent wealth managers who specialize in reducing risk during times of volatility, while capturing a large amount of the gains of the upside.

Let us show you plans where your principal is fully guaranteed by top rated insurance companies and the interest rate credited is linked to the performance of an underlying index such as the S&P 500. In an up year, you can earn a substantial rate of return. In a down year you cannot lose a penny. Our clients have been enjoying the security and growth of these plans for more than a decade and never worry about another 2008 because they have a guaranteed income they cannot outlive.

Helping you meet your financial needs is our FIRST priority. We are happy to meet with you when it is most convenient. Contact us at 480-607-1346 or 888-416-5433(LIFE) to schedule a time to discuss your financial situation and the potential role of insurance in your financial strategy.

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