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annuity advisorsAre you looking for the right annuity advisor to help you reach your retirement goals? Whether your focus is on lifelong income, tax-advantaged growth, or something else, there are multitudes of annuity products on the market. But not all of these annuity options are equal in their suitability for different financial situations.

Finding the best annuity strategy for your needs doesn’t have to be intimidating or overwhelming. Work with the right annuity advisors, and receive personalized recommendations that align with your needs, risk tolerance, financial situation, goals and time horizon.

Enjoy the benefits of choices, convenient support, and accountable service by connecting with a financial professional via

Use our Find a Licensed Advisor section to connect directly with an independent financial professional, and to request a personal strategy session to discuss your needs and goals. And should you have any questions or concerns, call 877.476.9723.

What Makes the Annuity Market Complex?

For many consumers, finding the right annuity contract can be intimidating. This is certainly understandable. These are a number of factors which affect the annuity marketplace, take a quick look at some of the influential variables:

  • In 2015, there were 870+ annuity and life companies, according to Insurance Information Institute.
  • Even though there are five basic annuity types, each insurance company offers its own variations on different annuity products. This includes how an insurance carrier classifies different annuity types or products.
  • Annuity contracts differ on a state-by-state basis, depending on state laws, state regulations, and state annuity marketplaces – which make contract features and options vary from state to state.
  • As a result, there are 3,000+ annuity contracts available to consumers today. These may come with optional riders for lifelong income, death benefit protection, income for care services at qualifying care facilities, and several other benefits.

These dynamics make it difficult for Americans to shop around with confidence. Would you work with a knowledgeable specialist to simplify your research process, compare annuity rates, and find the best solution for you?

How to Find the Right Annuity Advisorsannuity advisors services

Annuity advisors are a “dime a dozen,” but they can differ in qualifications, knowledge, and specialty. When you are looking for an annuity advisor to work with, consider these points, listed below. And when you interview a financial professional as a prospective fit for your planning needs, ask them these questions:

What are their credentials? Before you choose a financial professional, research and ask about their credentials. They should have all required licenses for the financial products they offer.

If you have interest in insurance products, including annuities, they must have the required insurance licensing in your state before having any product discussions with you. Note this also applies to securities products.

Are they an independent advisor or agent? There are two types of annuity advisors with whom you may interact: independent advisors and captive advisors. For a complete overview, check out the Independent versus Captive Advice page. They differ in many ways, including the advice they can give and the solutions they can offer:

  • Captive advisors and agents work exclusively with one or just a few insurance carriers.
  • Independent advisors may work with more than one insurance company, many of them work with several insurance carriers.
  • Captive advisors hold a variety of obligations to their parent insurance carrier, including having to sell certain policies and meet strict sales quotas.
  • They are not allowed to cross-research with other insurance carriers, which may offer more suitable options for a client.
  • Independent advisors are not bound by sales quotas or other requirements to an insurance company, they have the freedom to present many options and compare a wide variety of features of different insurance products.
  • Independent advisors can cross-research the scope of all insurance companies they work with, and they give access to many more planning options.
  • Unlike captive advisors, independent advisors do not have parent company benefits such as office allowances or benefits packages – they are truly independent and have a wider product shelf to serve you.

What is their experience?
Does the financial professional have a record of helping clients through times of economic difficulty? Through market downturns and/or recessions? How about through times such as when “stagflation” or other unique economic trends hold?

If you are within a 10-year frame of retirement, or are already retired, we encourage you to focus on income and wealth preservation over investment growth. Research the financial professional and see if their expertise is more in retirement income planning and wealth protection than investment planning (which emphasizes asset values and financial growth). Ask how many clients they serve and how much in total assets, in dollar value, they have helped put into client annuity strategies.

local annuity advisorsWhat is their philosophy? Ask them about their own retirement financial philosophy. What is their personal retirement strategy for income security and asset protection? Are they a practicing specialist in areas that pertain to your needs – for example, income planning and asset preservation? In speaking about their philosophy, do they mention stability and being prepared for lifelong retirement income needs?

What is their pedigree? Do they have any designations, educational background, or other credentials (besides required licensing) which qualifies them more to serve you? Do they have an extensive record of public education – published books, newsletters, financial columns, editorials and so forth? Do they have a portfolio of credentials, authority pieces, and other validation materials readily available for you?

Do they have references? A financial professional should have references from prior clients. Ask for them and once you have them, call these references to validate their experience. Be sure to check if the advisor or agent has any openly-stated codes of ethics & conduct, and affiliations with the local chamber of commerce or other credible civic groups. Affiliations with professional societies and/or trade groups can also indicate their commitment to professionalism.

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Via, you can connect with financial professionals who have knowledge of annuities, as well as other fixed insurance products that can help fill a wide range of needs. Start today - get help with seeing if an insurance strategy can help you overcome any income gaps or work to assist you in achieving other retirement goals.

Use our Find a Licensed Advisor section to connect directly with an independent financial professional, and to request a personal strategy session to discuss your needs and goals. And should you have any questions or concerns, call 877.476.9723.

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