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Welcome to our Featured Advisor page. Use this page to connect with an independent advisor or agent. Please note: If your advisor isn't featured on this website, they aren't part of our SafeMoney affiliate, independent advisor and agent network.

If you need help finding a retirement income strategist, call us at 877.GROW.SAFE (877.476.9723). We would be glad to assist you. Please note, some of the independent agents and advisors on this website are licensed and/or have appointments in multiple states. They can help you with your specific retirement income, wealth planning, and estate planning needs.

When there's an advanced or niche need, we seek out experienced professionals with a specialized skill for those needs. In some ways, it's like how a specialized surgeon offers advanced medical care to those with a rare medical condition. We seek out their expertise even if they aren't in the same area. Similarly, these independent retirement strategists can offer a higher pedigree of knowledge in safe retirement financial strategies. 

Not all the independent agents and advisors on this website have reached the safe money approved status. For those individuals who have, you will find a safe money approved logo on their individual contact page. These advisors and agents have been working with Safe Money Resource long enough to have earned this distinguished advocacy.

The independent advisors and agents listed without the safe money approved logo are currently working through the full evaluation process before obtaining safe money approval. If you have any concerns, questions, or comments, please contact us.

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