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Warrenton Virginia | 540-347-2125

Karen Geiger

Akron Ohio | 330-644-8770

Michael Marrone

Marlton New Jersey | 856-988-6618

Andrew Heese

Arvada Colorado | 303-523-3631

John Cornish III

Glendale California | 951-704-6400

Mary Wilkinson

Fredericksburg Texas | 830-914-6049

Todd Kiry

Hammonton New Jersey | 856-816-6525  

Jim Chilton

San Diego California | 800-689-4851

Bill Emery

Dunnellon Florida | 800-465-7354




  • The main focus of my business is to look out for the best interest of my client instead of my own interest.
  • I practice my business with integrity, knowledge, and respect.
  • I am open to learning new strategies in order to better my clients' financial position.
  • One of my main goals is to educate and promote “Individual Empowerment” through education.

My track record will prove that I:

  • Build trust
  • Establish and maintain a positive track record in the financial marketplace.
  • Adhere to established standards of advertising and selling.
  • Honestly represent products and services, including clear and adequate disclosures of all material terms.
  • Openly identify the nature, location, and ownership of the business and clearly disclose all policies, guarantees, and procedures that bear on a customer’s decision to buy.
  • Abide by all written agreements and verbal representations.
  • Address marketplace disputes quickly, professionally, and in good faith.
  • Protect any data collected against mishandling and fraud, collect personal information only as needed, and respect the preferences
    of consumers regarding the use of their information.
  • Approach all business dealings, marketplace transactions, and commitments with integrity.
  • Agree and abide by all terms and conditions set forth by Safe Money Resource.


Wealth Planner Brent Meyer, co-founder of Safe Money Resource &, explains it like this:

“You can't purchase a Safe Money approval; you earn it by your actions. You practice under the right principles of diversification. You operate your sales practice with full disclosure. You would rather lose a sale for the right reason than gain a sale for the wrong reason. You look at the client’s entire picture and you work directly with Safe Money Resource to come up with the correct plan. This plan guarantees the client’s expectations are met.”

Safe Money Approved Qualified Independent Advisor Partners are committed to the highest ethical standards. Integrity, responsibility, and a “client first” mentality are qualities they personify. They are independent, licensed, and experienced.

Investors seeking financial advice should always consider the difference between independent and “captive” advisors.

Independent advisors have the ability to look at a client’s financial needs for retirement and devise a plan that may use a variety of investment strategies. They can shop around for annuity and insurance products from numerous different companies to find the perfect fit for each client. Trustworthiness and transparency are key characteristics of independent financial advisors.

Captive advisors are committed to one particular insurance company, and they must meet quotas. This substantially limits the variety of products they can offer their clients. The big insurance companies are essentially marketing machines with the goal of selling the products that make them the most money. Because of this goal, their captive advisors are only able to recommend certain products, regardless of whether another company offers a policy or annuity that would better suit their clients’ needs.



For independent advisors, there are many challenges in today’s marketplace, especially when it comes to establishing trust and credibility.

First of all, the well-known captive insurance companies and banks are aggressively marketing, advertising, and branding their captive agencies. This makes it harder for the independent advisor to establish the same credibility and client relationships based solely on consumer perception.

Is there any overseeing agency or insurance entity making sure the independent advisor is offering the best possible product solutions to their clients? A solution that has been found by analyzing 40+ other companies and their products before making a non-biased recommendation? Is there any organization looking out for the best interest of the client first and the future of the right independent advisors practice?


  • We are an independent-minded organization that was built on the solid principles of integrity, knowledge, and ethics. 
  • We support, service, manage, promote, and advertise for the right independent advisors.
  • We offer a nationally-recognized brand for the right advisors without forcing them to be captive and allowing them to look out for the best interest of the client first. In other words, we are not an overseeing captive agency.

That is what can do for the right independent advisor.



To the Independent Licensed Advisor:

  • If you are running your practice efficiently
  • If you are willing to answer the questions of the consumer honestly and with full disclosure
  • If you practice your business under the guidelines of integrity, knowledge, and ethics
  • If you have systems in place to follow up, follow through, and help people plan their retirements correctly

You may qualify, pending an interview.

As a Safe Money Approved Qualified Independent Advisor Partner you will receive all of our superior, back-office support, advanced case design, and annuity and life insurance product analysis from 40+ independent insurance carriers.

Don’t be fooled by the Safe Money imitators; there is only one and one way for your practice to be Safe Money Approved. If you would like to learn how you and your agency can qualify to be Safe Money Approved, call to schedule an interview or send us an email at

There is only one way to be Safe Money Approved and that is with Safe Money Resource and

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Safe Money Resource Services

We are the most qualified and trusted independent financial network of "Safe Money Experts" in America. We have selling agreements with almost every top-rated independent insurance carrier that offers life insurance and annuities. Because of this, we can offer the most non-biased advice. We have had the opportunity to see this industry from every angle: as financial advisors, consumers, consultants and currently as wealth planners to the consumer, and financial coaches to the independent financial service professionals around the country. We have had countless opportunities to see the difference that great financial advice can create.
Safe Money Resource and educate the general public, as well as the independent financial service professionals, on Safe Money Alternatives to Banks, CD's, Mutual Funds, Stocks, Bonds, etc. We provide back-office support and product advice to our independent network of financial professionals in order to create the best-possible guaranteed retirement plan for their clients. is an educational resource that has been created to assist you in seeing through the confusion called the financial industry. Unfortunately, we have witnessed what can happen when people receive mediocre financial guidance: costly, unnecessary mistakes that put clients' goals and dreams at risk and in jeopardy.
Inspired by our experiences, we have built an independent network of top financial professionals around the country to help you get back to the basics and see through the smoke screen of retirement planning. Through our Safe Money Approved qualification process, we introduce very well-qualified financial advisors to successful families that they can serve. The products discussed on this website have most likely never been explained to your existing broker. That is likely because he or she has limited knowledge and or lacks the freedom to look out for your best interest first. Our mission is to help create a plan for you that is guaranteed to meet your expectations. If you are in need of a financial plan with an emphasis on principal protection, a hedge against inflation, and a guaranteed lifetime income you cannot outlive, I would encourage you to take a close look at the information provided here and ask us anything on your mind! Phone calls are always free, 100% confidential, and there is never an annoying sales pitch. Just good, quality advice to help point you in the right direction. 877-GROW-SAFE (476-9723)

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