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Here you will find non-biased information at your fingertips, as well as direct access to the most trustworthy independent network of financial professionals in America. Your Safe Money Resource for Making the Best Retirement Income Decisions.
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Independent Vs. Captive Advice

There Are Major Differences Between Captive and Independent Advice!

Captive Advice:

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  •     Works exclusively for one insurance company, obliged to give business to only that company.
  •     Priority is to develop business for the parent company above all others.
  •     Provided with office allowance, benefits package, and pension from parent company.
  •     Starting resources are often provided by the parent company.
  •     Parent company can prohibit cross-selling other insurance carriers limiting options for the client.
  •     Parent company can discontinue selling certain lines if unprofitable, resulting in loss of clientele.
  •     Inability to refer customers to whom you cannot sell a policy.

Parent company pushes certain policies (example: Whole-Life Insurance) over others and require agents to meet strict quotas at the risk of being terminated.

Independent Advice:

  •     Represent multiple top rated insurance companies to provide the best products as needed.
  •     Freedom to sell multiple carriers without quotas.
  •     Provide their own resources to start their business.
  •     Freedom from strict regulations from a parent company to only sell one company.
  •     Freedom to cross–sell other lines of insurance.
  •     Ability to compare prices, products, features, and service among a variety of insurers.
  •     Ability to sell a policy through another insurer if primary insurer cannot write the policy.
  •     Much larger product selection.

What Makes SafeMoney.com and our Independent Network of Safe Money Advisors Different?

We are in business to give you the resources you need to help ensure your financial security in retirement. Being a small boutique insurance firm focused on providing the best results for the consumer, we take the time to only build relationships with Independent Financial Professionals that believe in full disclosure and that you can trust. The advisors within our independent network have proven their loyalty to the consumers’ needs first. SafeMoney.com is your consumer portal to the only independent financial network of nationally licensed ‘Safe Money Experts’.

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WHAT IT MEANS TO BE APPROVED: Safe Money Approved Qualified Independent Advisors are committed to the highest ethical standards. Integrity, responsibility, and a “client first” mentality are qualities they must personify. They are independent, licensed, and highly experienced. 
"Advisors cannot purchase a Safe Money approval; they must earn it by their actions"
Brent Meyer - President and Co-Founder of Safe Money Resource, Inc. and SafeMoney.com

What It Means To Be Approved


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