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All Fixed Index Annuities Are Not Created Equal! 
And neither are the advisors who offer them...

In order to fully understand how these types of products vary, it is important to know specific details and features within each contract.
It is also very important to grasp asset classes and the basic principles of asset allocation before purchasing an annuity.

Asset Class Example: Liquid assets, Short term, Mid-Term and Long Term Investments.

The right Fixed Indexed Annuity can offer a variety of benefits unlike any other financial vehicle today, and may fit into your long term or mid-term asset classes. The right annuity can provide:

  • Principal protection
  • A hedge against inflation
  • A guaranteed lifetime income, if you so choose; much like a "personal pension"
  • Tax deferral (don't pay taxes till you access the funds)
  • Market linked gains without the losses (link your upside potential to an index)
  • Spousal benefits (your spouse can also receive a lifetime income from the same account or a lump sum)
  • Access to extra funds as needed - some contracts allow up to 10% annual withdrawals (liquidity when you need it)
  • Additional low cost benefits and riders

"The Inside Scoop To Annuities, and Selecting a Trustworthy Advisor"

A brief look inside this e-book:

  • Most Important Questions You Need to Ask When Considering an Annuity
  • 8 Most Common Mistakes Annuity Buyers Make
  • Potential Annuity Scams
  • Essential Retirement Planning Rules and Principles
  • Importance of Building A Strong Financial Foundation "Safe Money First"
  • Captive Vs Independent Advice
  • Where to Get the Best Local Annuity Advice and Much More...

Do you own an annuity? What type of annuity do you own?

  • Do you know the difference between a variable annuity and a fixed indexed annuity?
  • Are you unsure of what type of annuity you currently own?
  • Are you considering the purchase of an annuity?

This guide book will also explain the 5 types of annuities and how they work.
The good, the bad and the potential UGLY!

You Need To Know The Information Provided In This e-Book, Before You Buy An Annuity!

Your portfolio can't afford to miss this opportunity...


Safe Money First Book Cover smallBrent Meyer has spent well over a decade witnessing the financial services industry from the inside and building a network of trustworthy, independent licensed agents nationally.  He owns SafeMoney.com and runs a boutique wealth planning brokerage firm in Cherry Hill, NJ - Safe Money Resource, Inc. Brent has assisted in directing billions of dollars into the right annuities. He likes to spend most of his time with his family, and he enjoys sharing his knowledge of retirement income planning and the financial industry with everyone.

It is my wish that you do the best you can with the resources you have. Continue to educate yourself, and surround yourself with those who care about your well-being more than their own. Never assume there is only one correct way to do anything, including investing. You can always reach me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by calling 877-GROW-SAFE (476-9723).

"When a new product is being introduced to the market by an Independent Insurance Carrier, we take time to review and analyze everything about that product: the fee structure of the contract, the surrender period, the company’s financials, renewal rate history, service, and much more. We blueprint the product to help determine how and where it will fit into a person's overall portfolio or retirement strategy. Once we have compiled the data necessary to analyze these products, all features are then compared for overall justification. We are constantly scanning through products new and old to make sure that they are always the most competitive and beneficial for you."



Brent Meyer
President and Co-Founder
Safe Money Resource, Inc.


Janice and John100x100        "We didn’t quite know what annuities were about. We had been to lots of different seminars before and the word would be mentioned and they would brush over it and go to something else. We find that different advisors financially had their own agenda of what they wanted to do with your money. We want to get out of speculation and into something more conservative and this made sense to me."
Janice  & John R. Warrenton, VA
Susan100x100   "When I found safemoney.com, I found exactly what I was looking for. They educated me on the various products available and explained what each did and why they were either good or bad for me. If I hadn't found safe money when I did, I know that my retirement would not be the same. Thank you safemoney.com for educating me on my retirement plan and keeping it safe for me and my family."
Susan C. Raleigh, NC
Barry100x100   "SafeMoney.com has helped me understand the importance of safety and income. With the information I gathered and meeting with one of their trusted advisors, I feel a lot better in knowing my income will last, no matter what."
Barry G. Boise, ID




The education we provide here is imperative to your financial success, especially in today's economic environment. Here you will learn how to create a plan that is guaranteed to meet or exceed your immediate or distant financial expectations. We encourage you to share this academic resource with your friends and family, so that they can also empower themselves with the knowledge found here at SafeMoney.com.

Safe Money Resource

We are the most qualified and trusted independent financial network of "Safe Money Experts" in America. We have selling agreements with almost every top-rated independent insurance carrier offering life insurance and annuities. Because of this, we're able to provide the most non-biased educational advice.


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